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Take on the summer heat with style thanks to these personalized Bamupdates sandals for men. Made with PU outsoles and edge-to-edge strap customization that will never peel, crack, or fade, these sandals come packed with both comfort and durability. The straps are made with neoprene and polyester to avoid chafing while the ergonomic sole keeps discomfort at bay.

.: Materials: 100% polyurethane outsoles / polyester & neoprene straps 

.: brand
.: Outsole color options: black & white
.: Printed strap surface
.: Removable straps
.: Includes brand name on the side of the sole


BAMUPDATES AFRICA focuses on gathering all African Descents in the Diaspora on one single platform starring Artists, Entertainers, and Prominent Personalities like yourself. It is our way of helping to build a network and community of love, unity, and collaboration between Africans at home in the Motherland and the African Descents abroad in the Diaspora. With our vision and mission, it will be easy for all Africans at home to identify their own people and support their endeavors and craft, and also learn some level of discipline to their advantage.

By Buying these socks, you're indirectly saying KEEP IT UP! to us. Thank you!

Men's Slide Sandals

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